Voice assistants: Google better than Siri and Alexa (study)

A study by the company Loup Ventures analyzed the ability to understand the questions asked by the 3 main voice assistants (Google, Siri, Alexa) and the relevance of the answers provided. Google leads the dance but the general level is strongly up since last year.

The company Loup Ventures has passed a “review of IQ” to the 3 main voice assistants on the market: Google, Siri and Alexa . The goal was to test two main points: their ability to understand the question asked and, of course, the quality of the answer provided (in English, it seems). In this context, 800 questions were asked (in 5 different categories: local queries, commerce, navigation, information, order) and the answers analyzed.

On understanding the initial question, the scores are pretty close, but it’s Google that wins the bet with 100% understanding. His challengers are however very close: Alexa (99.9%) and Siri (99.8%).

For the quality of the answer, it is still Google that is ahead, but with more margin over its competitors: 92.9% of good answers against 83.1% to Siri and 79.8% to Alexa.

It should also be noted that compared to the results of the same study conducted last year, all the assistants significantly increased their respective scores: +6.9 points for Google (who was already first in the ranking), +4.1 points for Siri and nothing less than +18.8 points for Alexa. The general level of the domain therefore seems to be rising sharply.

Source: Wolf Ventures

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