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TikTok launches in-app purchases of sponsored products

Popular with teens, TikTok’s short video publishing app allowed its users to buy items related to sponsored hashtags.

A new feature called the Hashtag Challenge Plus allows companies to sell products directly to users of the application.

The first company to test the new feature was the American supermarket chain Kroger. The retailer launched a challenge called #TransformUrDorm. In its framework, students were invited to publish a video of “before and after” repairs in the hostel. The company also campaigned for them to buy goods, such as toasters or popcorn makers, through their in-app page. The hashtag Kroger received more than 447 million views on hundreds of videos published in the service.

Brands and retailers are already quite actively experimenting with influence marketing campaigns in the app. For example, beauty brands use TikTok to reach users under 24 years of age. Among the representatives of this business category, Sephora and TooFaced have already launched their campaigns in the service.

In the first quarter of this year TikTok application has gained  the greatest number of downloads in the AppStore worldwide. 

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