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The number of photos in Google My Business may affect the ranking

Business owners should take seriously the photos hosted on Google My Business (GMB). As the study showed, the number of images in a service can affect the ranking of a company in a search.

BrightLocal analyzed more than 580 thousand images posted by 45 thousand companies in GMB.

Key findings of the study:

  • Companies that have a large number of photos on Google My Business profiles receive more clicks, direct calls, and calls. 
  • Organizations with more than 100 images loaded on their Google My Business profile receive 250% more calls and 1065% more clicks on the site than other companies on average.
  • Businesses with one profile photo have an average of 71% less calls and 65% fewer clicks compared to other companies. 
  • Companies with more than 100 photos with GMB have 960% more searches. Also, such organizations are 3459% more likely to view on Google Maps.

The researchers also found that a large number of images in profiles has a high correlation with ranking by direct requests (by company name or address) and indirect (by category, product or service).

Researchers note that the data show only a correlation. Often a large number of photographs are companies that have many customers and that invest heavily in marketing.

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