SEO Contests are Going Out of Fashion

SEO contests  are going out of fashion.

Contests used to be a way to show off your SEO skills. They were also associated with the latest tricks and techniques to make Google rank you high.

As Google started overtaking the main direction of the SEO community, organizing such contests become a thing of the past.

The latest such content I know of is Wix organizing an SEO contest.

They offered $50,000 for anyone who can rank higher for the term SEO Hero than a website they have created on Wix.

A site called has won that one.

Why are we Seeing Fewer Contests?

Hardcore SEOs got secretive about their techniques. Would $50000 worth giving them up? I know a few people who wouldn’t share their tricks for that much.

Google’s eyes are everywhere.  Using black hat techniques quickly gets people banned and deindexed.

Did it worth it for Wix?

You’d think it did and they got a ton of links pointing to the contest page. Well, it attracted only 9 links that Moz can see:

SEO Hero links

From an SEO point of view it clearly didn’t worth it.

For proving tha point that Wix websites are superior, it also failed. Checking the first website’s source code reveals that it’s a custom built site with a custom backend and frontend. It’s not even fancy.

Are there New SEO Contests Coming?

I don’t think so. For the reasons I have given above, I find it highly likely that not many SEO contests will be organized in the future.

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