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Search engines will oblige to remove pirated links from the search results in 6 hours

Search engines will be required to remove links to pirated content within 6 hours. Such amendments to the legislation were prepared by Russian copyright holders and Internet companies. According to Vedomosti, the document has already been sent for approval to the presidential administration.

The amendments planned to be introduced into the law “On Information” should oblige search engines to connect to a special registry of pirated links. In case of detection of addresses included in this registry, search engines will be required to remove them from their issuance within 6 hours.

The representative of Roskomnadzor confirmed that the amendments were agreed. First, they will be considered in the presidential administration, and then sent for revision to the State Duma’s Information Policy Committee.

Recall that the problem of piracy is not the first year that worries copyright holders and search engines. Yandex even created a software robot to remove links to pirated content from the results.

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