Search Console Offers Cool Performance Data

Google has announced a few changes in the Search Console at the performance report level, with cooler data and new ways to download information by date.

Google has explained on its blog for webmasters that the performance report in the Search Console ( Performances> Search Results ) now offered more fresh data, the report being updated more frequently, users having access to data now back to less than 24 hours, compared to several days ago.

Indications on the time zone used (Pacific Time) are also available, which is important in terms of short search times, as well as the possibility of displaying only the most “fresh” data:

It should be noted that the API for Search Analysis does not yet support these “fresh data”, which are also not available in the Discover performance report, but this could be corrected for ‘to come up.

Finally, it is now also possible to easily explore and export performance data day by day, through the “Dates” menu:

These new features are being put in place. We already have them for our part in our Search Console. If this is not the case at home, it should not be long before.

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