The Quality of Data We Get from Google Is Bad

There is a new thread on the Webmasterworld forum about the data quality we webmasters get from Google on various platforms. It’s the first article in a weekly series of moderator opinions.

IanTurner describes how Google Adsense is showing an elevated pageview and you should keep your own records to know what’s going on. It would be Google’s interest to fix this since other platforms that filter out this traffic will show better metrics, urging webmasters to move over.

He then goes on with Google Analytics and how it is showing fake views and leaving out Bing as referrer completely.

Some of the replies:

Weird. We see Bing referrals in GA every day. Maybe this issue is a glitch on one server? – EditorialGuy

I think this is a symptom of Google’s attitude to webmasters – which is, that by and large, they don’t give a damn. … It’s not that this was too hard to fix (they managed to identify the rogue clicks easily enough when it came to not paying for them) – it’s just that they didn’t care enough to do it. – 7_Driver

Just imagine the amount of data they have to work with….. Being greedy and trying to collect every possible bit of data on yours/mine browsing habits, it might be a start when all that is starting to bite back. – blend27

Do you see this happening with your properties? Do you agree with some of the comments?

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