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Over 70% of employers study social networks of applicants

VKontakte for business and ResearchMe conducted a study and found out what role the profile of the applicant in social networks plays in considering his candidacy, which specialists are currently lacking the most and on what resources they are looking for new people in the team. The survey was conducted among entrepreneurs who are engaged in the selection of employees on their own.

More than 70% of respondents check the social networks of applicants: subscriptions to professional communities, the presence of working contacts and photos posted. At the same time, 67% of businessmen are asked to indicate links to profiles in the resume. And for 22% of employers, candidate social networks are a decisive factor – they look at pages when they don’t know who to choose.

What employees and applicants on social networks also look at in public most of the entrepreneurs – this was stated by 76% of respondents. At the same time, every fourth one tries to control only what concerns his company or work, and 13% follow all the public actions of their employees. A little more than a third (36%) believe that they do not have the right to it, and the rest are not interested in how their employees behave on social networks.

Specialized resources and job search services turned out to be not the most popular recruitment channel – they are used by 29% of respondents. More often, entrepreneurs are looking for employees on classified sites (one third of respondents) and social networks (30% of respondents). The rest place vacancies in professional communities and forums (24%), resort to the services of recruitment agencies (22%) and use city portals, as well as employment centers and job fairs (16% and 15%, respectively).

Analysts also found out whether it is difficult to find new employees and which specialists lack business in Russia today. Most of the respondents (93%) admitted that they had difficulty finding people in the team. Moreover, more than half (53%) are sure that the reason is the excessive number of unskilled workers in the labor market. Another 38% said that the required specialists are simply not enough, and a quarter are sure that the salary expectations of suitable candidates are too high. And only 17% say that they lack the necessary skills for recruitment.

Often 16% of respondents are looking for new employees, and 17% said they did not stop the search at all. However, the majority succeeds in finding people in the team rather quickly – 59% said that on average they need no more than two weeks, and a third of them spend up to seven days on finding a suitable candidate.

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