Opera Browser Comes With Ad Blocking By Default

Opera has announced that they wabt to release functionality in their browser to block ads by default. For now it’s only included in the beta version.

My default browser is Opera and I have been using Adblock Plus with the strictest settings. I’m a tech savvy person so it’s easy for me, but most people don’t even know that such plugins exist. That’s why not every visitor has an ad blocking addon in their browser. But what happens when it’s set in the browser by default?

Everybody knows that most of the content providing companies are making money from ads. So my guess is this is not a long-term strategy by Opera. It is rather an attempt to grab some market share. Opera’s market share according to Stat Counter is 2%.

According to a Pagefair report, 15 percent of the US visitors have some kind of a blocking functionality built into their browsers. If this trend goes on, what is the future of companies like Google (and their ads in search results), Facebook and newspaper sites like Wall Street Journal?

What do you think?

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