New signals for evaluating search quality: clicks, attention, satisfaction

Previous models for evaluating the quality of issuance are outdated, according to Western expert Dan Petrovic , and invites site owners to take a fresh look at Google search results.

The expert notes that the modern model of assessing user behavior on Google looks like this: Clicks, Attention, Satisfaction – clicks, attention, satisfaction.

Clicks as one of the signals for evaluating the quality of delivery are taken into account, especially if this is a regular page consisting of 10 results. But everything becomes more confusing with a more complex issue.

Search results may now depend on the topic, context, location, personalization, etc. On the SERP page with additional functions (answer blocks, carousel, calculator, knowledge panel, etc.), users behave in a non-standard way. For example, they may leave the issue without clicking on any result. Previously, such a failure was considered a bad signal. But now Google has changed the quality rating, as users can get a response directly from the issuance and leave satisfied.

If there is at least one special Google feature in the SERP, the site’s CTR drops significantly.

So, modern promotion should focus not only on getting the site into the TOP, but also set a goal to occupy special blocks in Google’s issuance.

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