Moz: Google Search Console Is Not Reliable

Moz: Google Search Console Is Not Reliable

Russ Jones at MOZ has written a piece called Google Search Console Reliability: Webmaster Tools on Trial. His findings were more than surprizing: you should be sceptical about the Search Console data.

He tested the following functions of the Search Console:

  • HTML Improvements
  • Index Status
  • Internal Links
  • Links to Your Site
  • Search Analytics

The biggest discovery was that the Search Analytics data is very inaccurate.

Moz Experimental Results

Method Delivered GSC Impressions GSC Clicks
Logged In Chrome 11 0 0
Incognito 11 0 0
Mobile 11 0 0
Logged Out Firefox 11 0 0
5 Searches Each 40 2 0


The above table shows the results. Only a very small portion of the impressions were tracked or shown by the Search Console.

Google’s Gary Illyies reacted on Twitter:

He probably doesn’t know from the top of his head what the reason is for this kind of difference.

It may be a bug or it may be an intentional difference in counting. They may underestimate search counts because of the huge number of bots crawling Google every they.

Moz is a company famous about their tools with similar functionality as what Google is providing. Google has all the data but they are not giving it all to the webmasters. Moz doesn’t have all the data, but they give it all out (for a fee).

The bottom line is not to trust only one tool, even if it’s coming from Google itself.

Further discussion on Twitter.

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