John Muller asked why SEO companies do not publish their address

Google employee John Muller asked Twitter why SEO companies and digital agencies do not indicate their physical address on the site.

Looking through the sites of companies, he noticed that many of them did not give their address at all – even on pages like “About Us”. “Is it too old-fashioned to have a mailing address?” Muller asked.

The answers of SEO specialists were different. For example, Bill Harttser (Bill Hartzer) said that he once pointed his address, as well as created a page on Google My Business and noticed that after this traffic fell by 38%.

In his opinion, this happened because Google linked his global SEO business with a small geographic area. As a result, the site ceased to be ranked by the main keywords, with the exception of the area to which the specified address belonged.

Another panellist noted that posting an address — and so that it was noticeable — might create the impression that this address represents the service area of ​​the company. At the same time, a limited service area may scare away those customers who live in other regions.

To which Mueller noted :

“But at the same time, you are losing local customers, people in your time zone. I don’t mind that the address was not on the main page, but “somewhere” in another place it seems quite reasonable, right? ”

SEO consultant Scott Clark mentioned stereotypes associated with certain states in the US as the reason for the lack of an address.

“We are used to hiding the fact that we are in Kentucky because of stereotypes that persist even now. When the average ARR ( investment efficiency ratio ) for our clients exceeded $ 50 million, we stopped worrying about this. We must make a living, John, and geo-stereotypes are what really exist. ”

Muller thanked the members of the SEO community for the answers, and also clarified that his question was related to personal interest and has nothing to do with any search changes on Google.

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