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Google will degrade the visibility of the media in France to respect the new law on copyright

The media will not touch a cent.

Google adapts to copyright law

The law n ° 2019-775 of July 24, 2019 “tending to create a neighboring right for the benefit of the press agencies and the publishers of press” will come into force in France at the end of October 2019. It is about the transposition of the European Copyright Directive 2019/790 adopted last spring. France is the first European country to transpose these new community rules into national law.

To comply with this new law, Google adapts. Several possibilities could be envisaged: the remuneration of the referenced media on Google, the closing of Google News or the dereference of the media in France … Google will not go until then, but the firm of Mountain View will not pay the media for all that. Google announces a change in its search results in France.

The consequence of this law on the display of news results in France

Google announces that the appearance of the news results will be changed (see diagram above). Today, for each article referenced, Google may display a title, a link, or even an article preview: an illustration image and / or a few words extracted from the article. Google says that “these headlines and previews help you decide if the result matches your search and if you want to click on it” .

When the law comes into force in France, Google will remove these previews. All European publishers are concerned, as well as all Google services.

We will no longer display a preview of the content in France for European press publishers, unless the publisher has made the arrangements to indicate that it is his wish.

The good news for media wishing to cooperate with Google (understand: be referenced gracefully) is that they can now declare it. This is a voluntary step on the part of the media, which explicitly indicates that it agrees to be referenced correctly. Media articles that do not explicitly want it will be less visible on Google. Only the title will be displayed; no image and no extract will be visible in the SERPs (as much to tell you that the click rate will fall).

Media may decide to stay visible on Google

If you agree to be fully referenced on Google without contribution, you must change the meta tag of your web pages. New attributes allow you to specify the amount of content that Google can recover: the size of the snippet (number of characters), the size of the image (resolution), and the duration of the video snippet. If you specify it, Google will consider that you accept the use of these extracts.

If you publish a media and want to keep your visibility, this tutorial is for you:  what the media must do to maintain their SEO on Google.

This interpretation of the law by Google is likely to cringe some politicians who still hoped to be able to bend Google with this law. Most media will probably come in, changing their meta tags, to keep their visibility … and they can blow, Google has shown in the past that it could be much more radical to comply with the law without paying – as when closing Google News in Spain .

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