Google updates its Easter Egg on the roll of Dice

For the anecdote, Google has updated its “easter egg” (hidden function) on the request “roll a dice” with different types of dice available. And it also works in French now …

In November 2014, Google Google launched an “easter egg” (hidden function “on the request” roll a dice ” ) At that time, a simple die was displayed, allowing a random roll like this:

Well, as it is summer and a priori , some engineers have a little time within the firm of Mountain View, we just realized that this “easter egg” has evolved and that it It is now possible to roll a dice with 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 20 faces of different colors.

You can even specify a number that will automatically be added or subtracted from the total (this seems to be very useful in role-playing games, the main target of this easter egg).

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