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Google Update Chatter: September 2 Update Tweaked

I am seeing a lot of chatter of another Google update. I have noticed some movement on the keywords I am tracking too.

Here is some very conclusive data for the site I wrote about in my piece about the September 2 update.

Keyword 1:

Sep 9 Update - Keyword 1

Dropped out of top 10 on Sep. 2 and came back to the same position on Sep 9 (#6).

Keyword 2:

Sep 9 Update - Keyword 2

This is a more competitive keyword not actively pursued by the site. On Sep 2 it jumped into the top 10 for one day, then dived back on Sep 9.

Keyword 3:

Sep 9 Update - Keyword 4

This one had a slight drop on Sep 1 and jumped back to the same position on Sep 2. On Sep 9 it dropped and continued to drop for several days.

Keyword 4: Sep 9 Update - Keyword 5

This one jumped into the top 10 on Sep 2. It’s dancing slightly since the 9th, but holding top 10 position.

Keyword 5: Sep 9 Update - Keyword 6

This one had a small jump on Sep 1, only to drop back on Sep 2. On Sep 9 it left the top 10 and is still out.

Keyword 6: Sep 9 Update - Keyword 7

It jumped into the top 10 on Sep 2 and holds the position steady.

Keyword 7: Sep 9 Update - Keyword 8

This one is a mature keywords with steady rankings. It is unshaken by either of the fluctuations seen with the other keywords.

I have no idea why they push out an update to revoke it just in a week. Unintended results? Bug in the code that got pushed?

Anyway, this update has mixed results for me. It wiped out some of the gains I had for this website with the September 2 update. The keywords that were not affected by that update are unharmed by this update. So it’s very clear what’s going on.

Is your data telling the same story?

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