Google test tools support all Googlebot Evergreen

Google has announced that its various test tools (AMP, Mobile, Search Console) now use an Evergreen version of Chromium, that is to say the latest version available, following the Googlebot robot in this way. Clearly, the technically complex sites will be better analyzed by these tools and therefore by the engine.

Google this week posted a post on its blog for webmasters explaining that, from now on, its various testing tools (mobile, display speed, structured data tags, URL Search Console Search, AMP, enriched results) will use a rendering delivered by Chromium Evergreen, as pre-announced at Google I / O last May , a move from version 41 to 75, or even the recent 76.

This means that Googlebot now uses the latest stable version of Chromium to run JavaScript and perform the ” Rendering ” pages. Googlebot will then be updated with the latest stable version of Chromium, hence the term “evergreen” ( always green ).

Clearly, this means that sites using technologies (including JavaScript) more complex than the average will be much more likely to be crawled better by Googlebot and analyzed by the test tools (and therefore the search engine). If your website does not use complex, forward-thinking or dynamic rendering technologies, it should not change anything.

Note that the new Googlebot Evergreen is still on your site with the same user-agent as before. But it will be modified in the short term (no date indicated for the moment). Stay connected!

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