Google stops Trips, its mobile tourist guide application

Google has announced the official shutdown of its mobile application Trips, available on Android and iOS. But most of the features available on this app remain accessible via Maps and Travel.

If you use Google Trips, Google’s tourist information app (Android and iOS), launched in 2016, you’ve certainly had the following screen in front of you for a few days:

The application did not last very long, but Google explains in an online help how to use Maps or the Travel website to carry out tourist investigations before traveling: “Activities to discover in a destination”, “Travel reservations” , “Registered Addresses”, etc.

In fact, it seems that the application was a failure and that his death sentence means above all an underutilization of the tool. Remember that Travel , on the Web, continues to work, the announcement of the stop being only valid for the mobile application. Who will care? Because who really knew this app?

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