Google posts podcasts in its SERPs

Google has indicated that it was now possible (but in the United States only for the moment) to have podcasts displayed from the search results, with the ability to listen to them from the search engine …

Google had already said last May : it was possible to obtain a list of podcasts in its search results (SERP), including in this form:

Since last week, Google announced that the display could also be in the form of “cards” in universal search, as for videos, news, images, etc. In addition, these cards are “playable” and can read these podcasts directly from the SERPs with the “Play” button displayed for some of them (with the indicated listening time). Example:

Note that it is not necessary for the query to contain the word “podcast” for these maps to be displayed. However, we have not managed to have these cards “Podcasts” on the engine Google France for now. Indeed, this possibility is currently given only in the United States, on requests in English. For others, it’s wait and see .

The Mountain View company also announced that this type of functionality would be deployed this year on the voice assistant (which seems logical enough since we are in the audio in both cases),

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