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Google offers a “Journal of Search” video

Google has been offering since last week a “Search News” presented by John Mueller, featuring a list of the latest major search engine ads. The format is fun, but the interest is quite low, alas …

Google announced last week on its blog for webmasters a new communication format around SEO, with a newscast on YouTube, presented by John Mueller and called “Google Search News.”

In the program of this first issue: presentation of the new Search Console, hangout webmasters and the procedure to participate, the new gives for the attributes “nofollow” , the display of ” rich results opinions / stars ” and the meta tag “robots “. John finally finishes with a summary of the different conferences in which Google has participated (mostly in Asia) lately:

The Search Search News with John Mueller . 
Image source: YouTube

On the positive side, we will find:

  • A willingness to communicate from Google, which is always significant, in addition to the #AskGoogleWebmasters series and more broadly the YouTube channel for webmasters .
  • A new format explored and a good idea to present this in the form of a newscast.
  • A simple technical realization but of excellent quality.

For less positive sides, we can indicate:

  • A list of news that is far from exhaustive and a presentation very, if not too general. This is more to report here the main ads that Google has proposed in recent times to explain this or that point. In short, a JT, not an investigative magazine.
  • If you are SEO, you are not the target because you will already know all this for a long time (if you do a minimum of standby) and even more (if you read Abundance every morning 🙂).
  • A SEO will not send this type of video to a customer either, preferring direct links to the engine ads on their blog for webmasters – because they are much more explanatory – or to other sites providing information about them .
  • If you are an editor or webmaster, SEO is not necessarily your main hobby and this can serve you (even if a free subscription to the newsletter Actu Motors will be more complete, but certainly not in video format).
  • Like it or not, John Mueller is not the most comfortable googling in front of the camera and the charisma is not really there. Is not Matt Cutts who wants, but John’s efforts are commendable, do not hold it against him, he does it at best.

In short, a good idea on the bottom, but an overall content useless for SEOs that are clearly not the target. For other profiles, maybe these videos will find their audience. Or not. In our opinion, something is still missing to make these news really useful. What? Hard to say. We will see what is happening in the next issue, after all that was only the first issue that can be considered as a “pilot”

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