Google Launches New Google Shopping Interface in USA

Google announced the launch of a new, revised version of Google Shopping – with personalized recommendations and Bye on Google functionality – in the United States. The update is already available on mobile and desktop devices.

Among the immediately noticeable changes in the new version are multi-colored icons of shopping carts and calls “Buy on Google.”

The Buy on Google section displays offers from members of the Shopping Actions program, in which Google works with retailers and receives a percentage of each sale they receive through organic search results.

In the new Google Shopping interface, users can also mark those products that they would like to buy at a lower price, and when the price drops, the system will notify them of this.

Product recommendations are based on the history of searches and purchases, as well as user lists.

Customers will also be able to purchase goods online, and pick them up at a local store, if this option is supported by the retailer.

Recall that the launch of the new Google Shopping design in the United States was announced at Google Marketing Live 2019 in May. The first redesign was seen by users in France. There it was introduced in March 2018.

According to Google, the updated service is a “merger of the best features of Google Express and Shopping.”

When the new version of Google Shopping will be launched in other countries, the company did not specify.

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