Google: how Search Console displays voice search sessions

Google has published the second issue of #AskGoogleWebmasters, a video series where Google employee John Muller answers frequently asked questions by webmasters.

This time the question for the webmaster was:

How are voice search sessions displayed in the Search Console?

Muller gave several options for what can be considered “voice search” and described how Search Console perceives them:

  1. Queries made through voice in a Google search , Search Console considers regular text queries. We can assume that Google perceives them as requests entered from an alternative keyboard.
  2. Requests made with the Google Assistant , the answer to which is usually information from the knowledge block, are usually not displayed in the Search Console. If the user follows the link in the browser, then GSC will count one transition from the search.

John Muller advises webmasters to share their opinions on Search Console features through the Send Feedback button. For example, you can write what metrics you lack in the service.

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