Google has stopped listening to Assistant recordings

Google no longer listens for voice recordings received through the Google Assistant. The company made this decision after a recent  leak , which happened through the fault of experts involved in the analysis of audio queries. 

The German Federal Data Protection Commissariat is about to conduct a hearing and check whether the fact of wiretapping, storage and analysis of voice requests is in accordance with the law. In case of violations and in order to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens, the commission may prohibit further processing of data by Google experts.

Google reported that it had suspended the analysis of voice commands in Europe on July 10, as soon as they learned about the leak, even before the commission’s trial:

As soon as we learned about the leak of confidential information, we stopped the analysis of Assistant records. While the investigation is ongoing, the recordings of dialogs with the voice assistant will not be analyzed.

The search engine also recalled that it does not associate audio with user accounts during processing of records, and only 0.2% of all Assistant’s collected voice commands get analyzed by experts.

A little earlier it became known that Apple also no longer resorted to the help of experts to evaluate voice requests to Siri for privacy reasons.

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