Google finally offers recent data on Search Console

You no longer have to wait several days to access data on Search Console.

Recent data on Search Console

It was a request from many web professionals: access to more recent data on Search Console. Until now, you had to wait 2, 3 or even 4 days to access your site’s data on Search Console. Google has reduced this area of ‚Äč‚Äčuncertainty to just a few hours. You can know your performance on the search engine much faster.

This novelty is welcome because it will allow digital professionals, including SEO, to analyze more quickly the impact (positive or negative) of web releases. They will also be able to see the impact of major events on the traffic of their website with a much better responsiveness.

Only the performance of search results is affected

Google says that very recent data is sampled: it is an estimate, refined in the following days: “recent data generally replaced by the final data after a few days” . Just hover your mouse over the curve of “performance in search results” : you are alerted when it comes to an estimate (the last day displayed in general). Only the performance of Search is affected: those of Discover do not benefit from recent data.

Easy Date Analytics on Search Console

Google is also more transparent when you select a date range: it indicates the time zone of the data (Pacific time). You will also notice a new tab in the search performance, Dates, which provides access to performance data by period. You can also export them. Google hopes “this new feature will help you further explore trends and fluctuations in your performance over time . 

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