Google Core Update Rewarding “Under-Rewarded” Sites

We have some reports about a Google Algorithm update and also about an AMA on SMX West. For the last year or so I have spotted regular updates made by Google. It happens every two to four weeks.

Initially I was suspecting it was some form of Panda, maybe an extension of it.

One of my biggest affiliate sites (the one I spend the most time improving) is seeing a constant improvement with every update. I have a pretty good idea what this update is about. The bad news is, I am not going to tell it to you. This knowledge is directly responsible for putting $100,000 additional in my pocket. So you see, you probably cannot pay for this information.

If you have been negatively affected by this update, I am happy to review your site and give you SOME pointers. Contact me here.


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  1. Kane
    Kane says:

    What’s the point of your post then? Why don’t you just tell us what you know about this update? My website has been seriously affected by it.

    • Jay Galaczi
      Jay Galaczi says:

      Hi Verma, as I have said in the past, this is an onsite update, although not a regular one. It’s actually quite easy to game, I am surprised Google even considered doing something like this. Take a look at top ranking sites and compare your site with those. The reverse SEO method still works wonders.


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