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Google Analytics Combines Site and Application Statistics

Google has announced the possibility of joint analysis of applications and sites in Analytics. Now, experts will be able to create a new type of “Application + Website”, in which they can combine application and site data for analysis and create a single report.

Google also introduced a new model for tracking events . A more flexible measurement model is based on events to collect unique user interactions with content. It also allows you to automate the manual work of tagging some events on the site without the need for additional coding.

In addition, the list of innovations includes a new cross-platform analytics module that allows you to analyze data in ways that are not limited to certain reports:

  • Exploration allows you to analyze by dragging segments, metrics and metrics onto the canvas,
  • Funnels  help identify important steps before the conversion and understand how users move between them – where they go into the funnel, where they go,
  • analysis of the path allows you to track the actions that users perform inside the funnel.

All the innovations presented will be available to users of Analytics and Analytics 360 in beta in the next few weeks.

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