Google Ads will add words with similar meanings to the broad and phrase match

Over the next few weeks, Google Ads will roll out an update that adds variations close to the meaning of keywords to broad and phrase matches .

The company believes that innovation will increase CPC and conversion by 3-4% on average. At the same time, 85% of new clicks will come from queries containing keywords that were not previously used.

To prevent keywords from competing with each other, Google will change its approach to selecting them.

Broad match

When using broad match , an ad is shown for all queries containing entered or relevant words in any order.

Previously, broad correspondence provided impressions by synonyms, singular and plural forms, misspellings, and root words. Now, phrases that are close in meaning will be added to the list.

For example, advertisements with the broad match modifier “ lawn mowing services ” will be displayed not only for the query “ lawn mowing services ”, but also for “gardener services for mowing grass” , “mow grass services” .

Phrase match

When using phrase match, an ad is displayed only for queries containing the entered words in the exact sequence. However, other words may appear before or after the key phrase.

Previously, advertisements could be displayed according to variants with typos, singular and plural forms, abbreviations, root words, abbreviations and spellings with diacritical marks. Now words and phrases with a similar meaning will be added to this list.

Previously, an ad with the keyword “ lawn mowing services ” could be displayed for “lawn mowing services next to me ” or “lawn mowing services”. Now it will also be shown for “grass mowing services next to me . 

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