Google Ads introduced new options for advertising applications

Google Ads has increased the number of ad placements for apps. App owners will now be able to run their ads on the Discover and YouTube feeds.

  • Discover Tape 

App announcements can now be placed in the Discover stream on the Google page on mobile devices and Chrome.

This option is currently available to advertisers in the United States. By the end of the year, Google will roll it out to the world. 

  • YouTube

App advertising will also appear in YouTube’s mobile search results.

  • In-stream video

Skippable app ads will play before, during, or after watching the video in apps and on Google Display Network sites. 

The search engine also announced new advertising opportunities that will allow application owners to increase revenue: 

  • smart segmentation with a reward will allow you to avoid showing ads to users who are ready to make purchases within the application, 
  • alerts  will appear in case of abnormal changes in key indicators,
  • Ads  will be shown to users while waiting for the application to load when they open. 

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