Facebook will start paying for Instagram user abuse reports

Facebook has expanded the program to pay rewards for detecting cases of abuse of user data on Instagram. On the social network itself, the Data Abuse Bounty Program was launched in April 2018 – after the scandal with Cambridge Analytica.

Now, Facebook will also receive reports from security researchers about those applications that incorrectly collect and store the personal data of Instagram users. These include, but are not limited to, services for cheating likes, comments, and subscribers, which were banned in November 2018.

As previously reported, under the Data Abuse Bounty Program, payments range from $ 500 to $ 40 thousand, depending on the extent of the abuse. Read more about the program here.

In addition, Facebook is also working with security researchers to stress-test the Instagram shopping feature to prepare it for launch outside the U.S.

Recall that earlier this month Instagram banned Hyp3r for the massive collection of user data.

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