Early Signs of a Google Update

It’s happening again, guys.

I am seeing major flux on some of the sites I am tracking. It’s very early, and results change every time I check (due to the update not being rolled out in some data centers).


I am seeing mostly positive movements so it’s difficult to say what kind of update is it.

It can be:

If you don’t already know, Fred is a “Phantom” update by Google. They have pushed it out but they don’t say what is it targeting.

Without going into much detail, I can say that it’s targeting onsite quality. In fact, it might have been an addition to Panda (or it will be).

Penguin is targeting anchor text over optimization. Basically, if you use too many exact match money keywords, you might get penalized. As usual, bigger sites get away with a lot more than average sites. That in my view is a very bad direction by Google. Both this and Fred are a step towards a less colorful internet.

Based on the negative movement, I lean towards a Penguin refresh. I don’t think we will see any comment by Google. Berry Schwartz has not yet written an article about this. He is usually late a couple days until he sees the chatter in the SEO industry.

No chatter yet on either BHW or Webmasterworld.





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