Facebook will start paying for Instagram user abuse reports

Facebook has expanded the program to pay rewards for detecting cases of abuse of user data on Instagram. On the social network itself, the Data Abuse Bounty Program was launched in April 2018 – after the scandal... Read more »

Twitter Launches More Flexible Video Ad Bidding

Twitter has allowed advertisers to bid on the first 6 seconds of viewing video ads. When this option is selected, payment is charged when the video is viewed for at least six seconds, and at... Read more »

Over 70% of employers study social networks of applicants

VKontakte for business and ResearchMe conducted a study and found out what role the profile of the applicant in social networks plays in considering his candidacy, which specialists are currently lacking the... Read more »

Instagram discovered a vulnerability that allows hacking other people’s accounts

Security researcher Laxman Muthiyah discovered a vulnerability in Instagram that could take control of someone else’s account. Mutia found out that the same device identifier (a unique identifier used by Instagram servers to check password reset... Read more »