Android updated logo for the first time in five years

For the first time since 2014, Google has changed the logo design of its Android operating system. Android robot is still a symbol of the operating system. But now only his head will... Read more »

TikTok launches in-app purchases of sponsored products

Popular with teens, TikTok’s short video publishing app allowed its users to buy items related to sponsored hashtags. A new feature called the Hashtag Challenge Plus allows companies to sell products directly to users... Read more »

YouTube forbids copyright holders to monetize short audio

YouTube has made manual changes to the Content ID application policy. Now, copyright holders will not be able to use this feature to monetize audio with short duration and inadvertently used audio. Previously, copyright holders could claim... Read more »

Google has stopped listening to Assistant recordings

Google no longer listens for voice recordings received through the Google Assistant. The company made this decision after a recent  leak , which happened through the fault of experts involved in the analysis of audio... Read more »

Google named the main areas of focus for the company for 2019

During the conference call on the results of the fourth quarter of 2018 head of Google’s Sundar Pichai described the main areas of focus for the company in 2019. 1. Search functions based on AI Discussing the... Read more »