Amazon caught in anticompetitive behavior

Amazon’s desire to offer the best prices to its customers forces sellers to raise prices for their products at competing venues. According to Bloomberg’s Study, Amazon constantly monitors the prices of competitors... Read more »

New signals for evaluating search quality: clicks, attention, satisfaction

Previous models for evaluating the quality of issuance are outdated, according to Western expert Dan Petrovic , and invites site owners to take a fresh look at Google search results. The expert notes that... Read more »

Google: how Search Console displays voice search sessions

Google has published the second issue of #AskGoogleWebmasters, a video series where Google employee John Muller answers frequently asked questions by webmasters. This time the question for the webmaster was: How are voice search... Read more »

Google Ads introduced new options for advertising applications

Google Ads has increased the number of ad placements for apps. App owners will now be able to run their ads on the Discover and YouTube feeds. Discover Tape  App announcements can now... Read more »

Google Ads will add words with similar meanings to the broad and phrase match

Over the next few weeks, Google Ads will roll out an update that adds variations close to the meaning of keywords to broad and phrase matches . The company believes that innovation will increase CPC and... Read more »