Google recalled that it has stopped supporting noindex in robots.txt since September 1

Google reminded webmasters that starting September 1, it would stop supporting the noindex directive in robots.txt. The search engine sent a message about this   in July through notifications in the Search Console.  Google Webmasters Tweeted “Just... Read more »

Search engines will oblige to remove pirated links from the search results in 6 hours

Search engines will be required to remove links to pirated content within 6 hours. Such amendments to the legislation were prepared by Russian copyright holders and Internet companies. According to Vedomosti, the document has... Read more »

Bing Webmaster Tools now has the ability to check the site through the Google Search Console

Bing tools for webmasters have been supplemented with the ability to check sites and import them through the Google Search Console. It seems that the two search engines are trying to unite in... Read more »

AMP HTML now supports autocomplete

AMP developers have added autocomplete support to the AMP HTML format. Accelerated mobile pages will now more accurately reflect the behavior of regular HTML pages. The autocomplete function can be used on search and forms... Read more »

Google My Business makes messaging statistics available

Google My Business has added messaging statistics . This innovation will allow companies to track how often they respond to customer messages. The only condition is that your organization must have messaging enabled. The statistics will... Read more »

Google: how can a site regain its position after an update of the main algorithm

Several times a year, Google makes major changes to the algorithm. Such updates are called core updates – an update of the main algorithm, Google usually officially confirms them. Google compares the algorithm with a... Read more »

The number of photos in Google My Business may affect the ranking

Business owners should take seriously the photos hosted on Google My Business (GMB). As the study showed, the number of images in a service can affect the ranking of a company in a... Read more »

Google Analytics Combines Site and Application Statistics

Google has announced the possibility of joint analysis of applications and sites in Analytics. Now, experts will be able to create a new type of “Application + Website”, in which they can combine application and... Read more »