Breaking: Early Signs of a Big Google Search Update in September 2020

I am noticing big movements on some of my websites. All things point to a big update. Some keywords are sharply up, some are slightly down.

Most of the SEO community is still asleep. I am in Europe so probably noticing it before everyone else.

Here is a screenshot of a keyword just hitting the top ten:

Of course, this is not the only website I am seeing movements, but this is the biggest for me today.

What is this update about?

It is too early to tell. The keyword with the screenshot picked up some new links in the past month so I am inclined to think that it’s link related. It may be different for everyone though. I long had a theory that Google started to cluster together unrelated updates to make it harder for regular folks to reverse engineer.

Do you see movement?

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Jay Galaczi is an SEO veteran, web designer and web developer. He specializes in technical SEO, user and customer experience.

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