Bing will review its SEO recommendations and ask what are the practices too little penalized

Bing has set up a revisions to its SEO guidelines . On this occasion, Frédéric Dubut proposes an online debate on webmasters practices that deserve to be more strongly fought. A discussion that promises to be interesting.

Frédéric Dubut , one of the thinking heads of the search engine Bing, posted this week on Twitter an announcement explaining that his teams were working on a redesign, on the bottom and on the form (both the spirit and the letter ) , recommendations ( guidelines ) engine to webmasters and SEO. A document that had, it is true, known only slight changes in recent years. However, no deadline has been given for the release of this new version.

On this occasion, Frédéric asked his followers to explain what are, according to them, the “dubious” SEO tactics ( shady ) that are currently not penalized enough by search engines in general. The discussion also focuses on the features of “Bing Webmaster Tools”, unjustly unfamiliar, to create or delete.

Current SEO recommendations are available here . A “Feedback” button on the bottom right makes proposals, or else directly to Frédéric Dubut by replying to his tweet .

Do not hesitate to express yourself, so you may have the opportunity to play a role, no matter how small, in setting up new anti-spam algorithms on Bing in the future.

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