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Bing Webmaster Tools now has the ability to check the site through the Google Search Console

Bing tools for webmasters have been supplemented with the ability to check sites and import them through the Google Search Console. It seems that the two search engines are trying to unite in an effort to attract more webmasters to use Bing Webmaster Tools.

After entering Bing Webmaster Tools, in the upper right corner you can see an option offering to check and import the site from the Google search console: 

The new feature is still in beta. 

Despite the fact that Bing’s share in the search market compared to Google’s share seems insignificant, it is still the second largest search engine in the world. Therefore, for many sites that are sensitive to the slightest fluctuation in traffic, the availability of tools necessary for the most effective solution to SEO problems can directly affect revenue. The ability to import your sites from the Google Search Console makes it easier for webmasters to optimize their sites for both search engines.

Recall that in June at SMX Advanced, representatives of both systems described how Google and Bing fight web spam and improve their algorithms.

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