Authentic Bing Webmaster Tools via Domain Connect

Bing already offered 3 ways to register a site in its Webmaster Tools. Here is a fourth with the open system Domain Connect, if the website is hosted by some providers supporting this standard …

Bing announced this week that it is now possible to connect a site to its Webmaster tools via the Domain Connect system .

Domain Connect is an open standard that allows a user to easily configure the DNS of a domain hosted at a DNS provider to work with a service running at an independent service provider. The protocol provides a simple user experience, saving the details of configuring DNS settings and their complexity.

The system of registration of a site on Bing Webmaster Tools via Domain Connect is already available for sites whose DNS is hosted at 1 & 1, GoDaddy, MediaTemple and Plesk.

This is a fourth way to create a Bing Webmaster Tools account after the XML file, the meta tag, and the CNAME record on the DNS. If this is your case, a tutorial is proposed by Bing for the procedure to follow.


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