Apple is Cutting Out Google (and the Web)?

I see a lot of buzz around Emily Grossman‘s presentation at SMX Muenchen about mobile search.

She makes three points on how Apple is using Siri, Safari and Spotlight to:

  1. Cut in line: Predicting search queries and placing Apple’s own suggested results ahead of search.
  2. Cut out Google: Defaulting to Bing and direct sources over Google
  3. Cut out the Web: Suggesting maps locations, emails, phone contacts, and ESPECIALLY apps

Emily gives numerous examples how this works in practice. Apple is predicting search queries and suggesting results before the user even executes the search. In one of the examples, there are three results before search: a website, Twitter, and an App.

If you go through those, you are still defaulted to Bing Search.

Siri is also cutting out the Web by suggesting Contacts, Apps & Apple Maps First (iOS 9).

What does all this mean to Search Engine Optimizers? That you can (and probably should) optimize for Apple. That makes a lot of sense if you take into account the market of Apple (people who are willing to spend on the trendiest things etc.).

An interesting idea is to get users to download your keyword­‐rich .vcf file and cut the line on their phones. Not too realistic if you ask me. It’s certainly possible if you have religious following.

Since Apple is also looking at emails before search, you can optimize your emailing to your customers too. Emily gives a couple tips on this:

  • put keywords in the subject line
  • mobile only checks the most recent emails
  • use keywords early in the subject lines

Youtube results come up above search as well. Here is what Emily thinks is important:

  • Use keyword in video title (earlier is better to avoid truncation)
  • More views is better
  • Apple prefers recent videos to older videos
  • Pick dynamic image to encourage CTR and engagement

There is also iTunes, and Deep App indexing. Check out her slides if you want to learn more.

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