We are a team of SEO professionals. We mostly do SEO for our own websites with a lot of success.

We always keep an eye on the happenings in the SEO world, so it’s a natural extension to run an SEO news website like this.

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Jay Galaczi

What should I say about myself here? I am 29 years old, living in Europe. I have a Master’s degree in business and management and have a lot of experience in Supply Chain management. My passion on the side was always internet marketing.

I am a super affiliate, although not many people know this (other than my affiliate managers). I have over 100 websites in several niches, making me a nice sum of passive income every month.

I have acquired websearchnews.com a while ago without firm plans what to do with it. In 2015 the idea came to me to start writing news and build it up to something great.

My plan is to bring the most recent news from the SEO and SEM world. But not only that. Unlike many search news sites, I will add commentary. I can do it, because I actually know my stuff. I am not a journalist though (you will be able to tell from my writing:)), so that’s something I have to impove.

As the site gets traction I plan to brin on board several people with more of a journalist vein and provide you guys with awesome content.

Others to come

More people will get on board soon…