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65% of mobile searches on Google?

A tweet recently said that 65% of searches on Google would now be mobile. But it is necessary to be wary of this announcement, not very precise and not confirmed officially …

Well-known consultant Greg Sterling was recently at the Engage 2019 event in India, and on that occasion, he tweeted the fact that at a conference, a Google official reportedly explained that at present, “65 % of searches on Google were done on mobile.

A statistic that is not so surprising in itself, since it has been more than a year that Google indicates that the “moving moment” (the date when the percentage of mobile searches has exceeded that of desktop searches) has arrived on the engine.

Greg, alas, does not say in his tweet who (which official of Google) has made this announcement nor on which geographical area it applies (World? Asia? India only?) And on what type of request (transactional, navigational, informational, etc.)? A statistic that must be taken with tweezers until it has been confirmed formally and accurately.

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