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Google issues a warning about leasing subdomains or subfolders

45 days ago I wrote that Google is going to act hard on sites that rent out its own subdomains and subfolders, so that other companies can better rank their content on rented domains. Google has now officially posted on Twitter about the subject.

Google said: "We have been asked if third parties can host content in subdomains or subfolders of another domain. It is not against our guidelines. But as practice has grown, our systems are improved to know better when such content is independent of treat the main site and accordingly We generally advise against allowing others to use subdomains or subfolders with content that is presented as if it is part of the main site, without close supervision or involvement of the primary site. the best success in searching, offers added value content from your own efforts that reflect your own brand. "

These are the tweets:

Again, this should not surprise anyone when they read this site, since we discussed this 1.5 months ago.

So we have Google who says that this is not directly against the guidelines of Google, but it becomes a problem and some seem to abuse it. You can also expect that Google does not rank these pages when Google can determine that these subdomains or subfolders are from external organizations.

You can view our earlier reporting on this subject here.

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