Google is considering informing webmasters about fines for recommended snippets

Google is considering informing webmasters about fines for recommended snippets

Sometimes Google removes a recommended snippet from the search results because it does not comply with its own internal policies or guidelines. Google does not currently notify webmasters when such removal occurs, but Danny Sullivan of Google said the company is considering doing this.

Said Danny Sullivan twitter "We don't do that (inform webmasters about deletions of recommended snippets) because it's not a manual action against the page itself." "It is something we are considering," he added. He also said: "There may be other ways to prove that you are eligible for certain functions."

Here are the tweets so you can see the context:

According to Google's internal policies, recommended excerpts are deleted manually. This is what Google says:

We also remove manually reported featured snippets that violate our policies to provide rapid protection in the sensitive areas that cover them. If this review process discovers that a website contains other recommended snippets that routinely violate our policies – or the site itself violates our guidelines for webmasters – the site may no longer be eligible for recommended snippets.

We do not remove recommended snippets manually for issues that do not violate our policies. These are being addressed by studying the problems further and then improving our automated systems to do better in the future.

I think a report would be nice, so can you at least take steps to do it better and get the recommended snippet back?

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