Add Google Search Console "AMP on Image Result" to performance report

Added new problem types to rich result reports from the Google Search Console

Google has added new release types to the extensive results reports in Google Search Console. Specifically, Google has added product, Sitelink Searchbox and invariable types to this report. Google said, "the ability to report on these issues is new; the issues reported may or may not be new."

Here is the full announcement:

August 13, 2019 and beyond

Product, Sitelink search box, Unparsable types

A few new issue types have been added to these extensive result reports. The ability to report on these issues is new; the reported problems may or may not be new.

To be honest, the announcement is not too clear. It appears that the new issue types are for product marking, Sitelinks search box marking, and the invariable error type. But again, I am not too clear about this.

Moreover, I have no super-simple way to test this and report on it quickly. Do you want to add your thoughts and screen images below?

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