Google shares more details about indexing issues

Google shares more details about indexing issues

Danny Sullivan of Google told me on Twitter that Google will share more details about indexing issues, with Google being unable to index new content for about 24 hours. He said that Google will post time frames and comments about the impact in Google Search Console after Google has conducted its internal assessment of the problem.

Danny said about it twitter, "Part of our procedures now with these types of situations is sharing time frames and posting notes about the impact of Search Console. But we do that after a full review is complete. A rough time frame is a few hours before our tweet ; it was not site specific. "

This seemed to have been a widespread problem, not just for a number of sites, but for all sites trying to get new content in Google.

Here is the tweet:

Now, from my point of view, this started around 3 PM ET Thursday 8 August and ended around 3 PM ET Friday 9 August.

So keep an eye on Google's details …

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