Four tools your business needs for better metric reporting

Four tools your company needs for better metric reporting

Technology has helped companies in endless ways. But one of the most important benefits that it offers companies is the ability to monitor and measure success and then plan the future.

In the past, reporting on important statistics was a rather difficult and time-consuming task that required a lot of work and careful calculations. Thanks to modern business technology and developments such as AI and machine learning, it is now easier than ever to collect these data points and measure progress.

However, this rapid progress has led to a whole new set of problems. Although technology has made it easier to collect data, it has provided us with an overwhelming amount of information, making it quite difficult to determine what exactly is relevant.

Of course, the only way to determine success in a business issue is by setting goals first.

  • What is the most important thing for your company?
  • Do you only care about the bottom line and increasing conversions?
  • What are the components needed to make this possible – such as generating more leads and website traffic or reducing internal costs by increasing productivity?

Whatever your ultimate business goals are, the key to a good strategy is understanding where you stand now and how you can make improvements. This can only be done with accurate metric measurements and reporting.

Here are four tools with which your company can easily and accurately measure these important statistics.

1. Traffic analysis for public identification

The only way a marketing / promotion strategy will ever be successful is by making contact with a relevant target group. If you have no idea who you are trying to reach or have an inaccurate description of your target customers, your methods will not reach their full potential in any way.

Your website is one of the best sources for audience identification and segmentation, and it can also help determine the strategy ROI for different groups. Although Google Analytics can provide general information about the demographics of your website traffic, it is better to use an analytical program that can go even deeper and give details about the behavior and preferences of your target group.

Finteza is a great option here because the in-depth traffic analysis software penetrates the details of target group segmentation. Each link is tracked and the traffic is analyzed and categorized into comprehensible reports. Marketers can also use this program to track marketing links to see which target market segments respond best to different content.
screenshot of the use of Finteza to track website traffic and analyze user actionsSource: Finteza

By understanding these types of behavioral statistics, marketers have a much more stable basis for basing their strategies and basing their targeting methods.

2. Site performance for digital monitoring

Tracking and reporting marketing campaign returns is often seen as an annoying task, because there are many different factors that play a role.

Most marketers are afraid of this process because it can be super time-consuming and accurate. Moreover, it can be a disappointment if the results are not as good as expected. 55% of the marketing teams agreed that determining the ROI of the campaign was their biggest challenge.

Tools such as Raven can be very useful for measuring the performance of digital campaigns, especially when it comes to SEO and PPC.

Source: Raven

This platform analyzes the collection of links from your entire website to keep track of their performance and keeps the platform free of errors. It also depends on how external link building campaigns have improved the performance of your own website in terms of backlinks, domain authority and other KPIs.

3. Event marketing tracking for immediate results

If you think that keeping track of digital marketing statistics is difficult, what about measuring the results of real-life marketing events?

If you host webinars or attend business conferences and meetings, it can be quite difficult to keep track of the exact results of these efforts. However, it is important to know whether these strategies are really paying off.

You need a tool that tracks in real time to see how well your efforts are going during live events or digital live streams. For example, Splash is designed to be integrated with multiple event tools and offers real-time custom data dashboards to measure ROI, evaluate progress, and evaluate performance.

screenshot of following the outcome of live events or digital live streams using Splash

Source: Splash

It even offers a check-in app, allowing you to capture participant data, update profiles and synchronize all this information. All this data is analyzed during and after the event, so that leaders can see the statistics change and grow.

4. Performance management for employee involvement

Considering the most important indicators of business success, you may be inclined to look at statistics that measure external factors, such as conversion rates & # 39; s. However, internal statistics can also reflect the success of the company.

Employee involvement and productivity, for example, have an impact on the company's growth trajectory. If the levels of your team slip, the quality of their work is likely to decline. This can quickly delay sales cycles and affect customer service, thereby damaging the bottom line.

Tools such as Trakstar can be used to streamline performance assessments and follow objective feedback. This can help leaders understand which areas need to be improved and supported in real time.

This program is also designed to improve productivity by offering peer-to-peer communication tools. Managers can also use the platform to remind team members of deadlines, set goals and objectives, and even recognize progress to maintain commitment and morality.

Source: Trakstar

Knowing statistics regarding employee satisfaction and involvement is extremely important for effective management (and retention).


Thanks to emerging technology and digital tools, collecting the exact data to measure growth and success is easier than ever before. This information can be very powerful and can help you maintain the path for continuous growth.

Manish Dudharejia is the president and founder of E2M Solutions Inc.

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