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Google adds playable podcasts to index spoken words within podcasts

Google announced yesterday that they have launched playable podcasts in the desktop and mobile search results that actually display podcast episodes for words spoken within the podcast. So Google will not only display podcasts that match the podcast's title or metadata, but it can also display podcasts where the audio has those words in the podcast.

Google wrote: "We are coming to the surface of these episodes based on Google's understanding of what a podcast is talking about, so you can find even more relevant information about a topic in audio form."

Here is an example from Google:

In 2017, Google said they do not index spoken word content in audio files or podcasts. That is clearly no longer the case. Google has added audio podcasts to search earlier this year, but now it can display podcasts based on the words spoken in that podcast.

The Verge said that Google told them that Google would take certain signals into account when determining which shows first come up, such as how many people listen to a show or that the show comes from a publisher who & # 39; much authority & # 39; has. Google is also aware of spam and The Verge wrote: "Reneau-Wedeen says the team is thinking about how search terms can be misused and is going to rely on Google's web spam team to detect when people are trying to game the algorithm." As podcasts become more ubiquitous as more people try them out, similar efforts will be made to operate the system, and that's something we're dealing with, "he says. He also says the podcast team will rely on the Google search team to uncover authentic, authoritative podcast episodes if incorrect information becomes a problem for searching for podcasts. "

Here are some more interesting things, but this is likely to change quickly in the coming weeks and months:

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