Google launches the new Search Sample Images box, which makes some searchers upset

Google launches the new Search Sample Images box, which makes some searchers upset

As expected, Google has introduced a new design for the Google Image Search preview window. Google has gone with the sticky interface, with the preview pane hanging on the right and you can browse independently through other images or the preview box.

First, this is what it looks like:

Google Image Search test Sticky Image Preview Box

Google wrote: "Starting today, when you select an image, it will appear in a side panel on the page, next to the search results. It is important that it stays there while you browse, so that you can easily compare images with others on the page. Do this as often as you want without losing sight of what you have viewed; just press the Back button to display the last image you clicked on. "

Google also provides more product information when relevant to an image.

There are many complaints on the Google search forums – I just linked one, but there are many. Here are some complaints:

What the hell is going on? Why are the results RIGHT crushed on the right? I hate this.

Let us send companies so many complaints that they are forced to change it again. I mean, if the higher ups learn that they are losing users to Bing and Internet Explorer, I think they will change things quickly.

I personally prefer the sample photo as before, where it opens below the image, although the side opening benefits are useful. I think it should be an option in the Google settings or a preview image on the side should be a download / google extension.

The new layout for viewing images is terrible. How can I adjust to this? This is something that Roblox would do with their website.

I personally don't mind the new design and the function.

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