Google Core updates affect your Google Discover Feed rankings

Google Core updates affect your Google Discover Feed rankings

This probably doesn't come as a surprise to most of you reading this site, but Google confirmed yesterday that your inclusion in the Google Discover feed may be influenced by major Google updates. Google said in yesterday's core update: "these core updates can also affect Google Discover."

It is the only mention of Discover in the story, but it is a strong and clear message that if Google's core updates don't find your site with a specific quality measure, the Google search algorithm and the Google & # 39; s feed algorithm may not your content completely or less often.

This makes sense – since Google probably only wants to emphasize the most relevant and authoritative content for users, especially when users are not looking for something very specific, but rather want to scroll through the feed from the Google homepage.

The funny thing is that the page about how to optimize for the Google Discover feed does not mention anything about core updates, but about quality. It says: "Discover content is algorithmically arranged based on what Google thinks a user would find most interesting. Content ranking is made possible by the power of the match between the content of an article and the interests of a user, so there are no methods to improve the ranking of your pages, except the placement of content that you think users might find interesting Google evaluates Content based on algorithms content quality and the power of the match between page content and user interests. "And since those core updates are about the quality of the content, it makes sense.

That page also says: "The two best ways to improve the ranking and performance of your Discover content are (1) posting content that you think users find interesting and (2) using high-quality images in your content. " "Quality" is not really mentioned here, but you know.

So when John Mueller said it didn't display a Google Discover section in Search Console & # 39; not a quality rating & # 39; was not breeding it, but just saying that your content is not in Discover and therefore Search Console does not contain any data to show you anything. But only really new high-quality sites will appear to discover in the first place.

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