Interesting Google Search Ranking tips from a private dinner in 2017 with Gary Illyes

Interesting Google Search Ranking tips from a private dinner in 2017 with Gary Illyes

Dan Shure published his audio notes on his podcast after a private dinner with Google's Gary Illyes from April 4, 2017. In short, they had a dinner, after dinner when Dan got into his car, he took audio notes of what he imagined remembered that dinner.

I listened to the entire podcast and although some things are new, I don't think this is something that is secret and Gary would be angry if it is revealed. Anyway, he published the podcast and people talk about it in public, so it's good to cover.

You can listen to the podcast here. Here are the unedited notes from Dan:

  • AMP does not pass the mobile-friendly test.
  • Hidden JS content
  • Buy an old domain with old content
  • Change the context and content of old URL & # 39; s
  • Losing star fragments can indicate a problem with the entire site
  • The structured data testing tool uses the same exact system as their algorithm
  • Panda is a sitewide signal and they have a real Panda score
  • 302s versus 301s and is this why Wired lost their traffic when going to https? (very surprising answer here)
  • Ignoring partial manual penalties
  • Which links are ALWAYS ok to delete or reject (and not)
  • The old "current authority" algo
  • Add new low quality URLs & # 39; s to a site
  • Knowledge boxes in the US but not Canada
  • How does Google know when a search query like & # 39; ring & # 39; has a brand intention?
  • Google's concept of a & # 39; site & # 39; (subfolders versus subdomains – what is a & # 39; site & # 39 ;?) And domain clustering
  • Sites that do not have to worry about links in any way
  • DA is OK as a given, but one thing to watch out for
  • What will replace all manual actions
  • Sitewide signals have been updated in the February 2017 update
  • Google does not click behind tabs etc. (when retrieving via JS is required) because they do not want to end up in a secure or private area or in a .php file, etc.
  • How to rank for large keywords such as & # 39; meat & # 39;

I personally would not have published a private dinner meeting, but this was two years later, so I can't really blame Dan. In fact, part of it may not be relevant today.

I personally thought the Panda score was not real. He said that Panda is everywhere in the world and that the site gets a Panda score. He said, "If the Panda score falls below a certain point that could lower the quality of your site, which could take away your snippets." This all went on at 4:45 in the podcast. But we have discussed the concept of Panda scores a few times in the past and I am not sure how relevant it is today with Panda sort of built into the core algorithm.

Here are some things I don't know if we've heard it before, but I may be wrong:

Glenn Gabe even has one twitter flow of what he found interesting in the conversation.

Bear in mind that Dan could have misunderstood, misunderstood or misrepresented part of this conversation. Dan is a very good guy, so if he did that, it wasn't intentional. Anyway, this is a very interesting podcast and frankly it has a great podcast that you should probably subscribe to.

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