Google Algorithm Update

Drawing another update of the Google Search Ranking algorithm

I see signals from early chatter within the SEO community and the industry as well as the automated tracking tools of an update of Google search results for ranking searches. The update may have started for some time last night, but let's say this is currently an unconfirmed August 1 update.

Google has not announced a core update today, but who knows.

Let us forget the last August 1 update, which was on August 1, 2018, which I eventually called the Medic update and later confirmed Google as a core update. This unconfirmed update of August 1, 2019 does not currently seem as large as that of a year ago – so no reason to panic.

Here is part of the chatter from the current WebmasterWorld thread:

Has anyone seen anything spiritual this morning?

Yes. The traffic hit me drastically today.

Our average rank has fallen completely

It's still early, but I see some people ask me on Twitter:

Here are screen shots of the automated tools:


click for full size

SERP statistics:

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Advanced web rankings:

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Cognitive SEO:

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SEM Rush:

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Do you notice traffic and ranking changes from Google Search today?

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